The reACT training system, was developed following 8 years of extensive field-testing and collaboration with fitness and
professional sports experts. Proven by professionals, coming soon to everyone. Find out what eccentric training can do...


Eccentric Training
discover the science and the results

The reACT Trainer is a paradigm shift in health and fitness. Utilizing non-impact and anaerobic exercise, it provides rapid strength gains in just two 10-minute sessions per week.

Proven benefits of reACT include:

  • More rapid increase in muscle mass, strength, and power, when compared to other training methods
  • Improved balance, coordination, and kinesthetic awareness
  • Improved core strength and stability
  • Injury prevention by improving the muscles' ability to absorb force

The reACT Eccentric Trainer is HERE!

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How do you reACT? Testimonial from users of the reACT Trainer

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What People are Saying About reACT

"The interesting thing is how your core is active the whole time you (are) on this. We have done some EMG studies that show there is a lot of core activation in every foot position you are on here. So in addition to being a great lower extremity exercise, your core, your trunk are totally engaged the whole time you are doing it.”

Geoff Kaplan, Head Athletic Trainer, Houston Texans Football


reACT News and Events

reACT Units Have Arrived at Select Clubs
Select clubs in the USA and Canada have received the first pre-ordered units of the reACT. If you're in the Atlanta area, contact to find out where you can try out the new reACT Training System.

reACT Fitness Training Programs Available on Our Training and Education Page
The reACT team has specialized training programs specifically designed for our eccentric training systems.

Test out the reACT in Atlanta
reACT will be available for private viewings, If you're interested in becoming a Dealer for reACT or want to try it, contact us at


7 Years of field testing
Quadmill project concludes extensive field testing of eccentric training systems

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The Quadmill project is the predecessor to the new reACT Training System. A combination of research, design, and field use by fitness practitioners and professional athletes, it provided the foundation to design the new systems available for everyone.